Venini warehouses in Murano are an example of a redevelopment project. The plan is to transform them from an old glass warehouse into a resort, the Venini Museum and into an artists’ studio. Similarly, there is a project for an old building used for logistics activities to be turned into a multi-storey commercial/office building. This project has been designed together with the architect Enrico Novello from Vicenza and is an ongoing project. The rendering shows the difference between the two situations before and after the works.
A similar aesthetic redevelopment has been designed for a modest industrial unit, whose position is certainly interesting but with a different purpose, more commercial. The designing of the space redistribution and the rendering have been done together with the architect Tommaso Marchi from Vicenza. Our group is involved in the internal redevelopment, in the redistribution of the warehouses, offices and shops and we are responsible for overseeing the design activity, for drafting the redevelopment business plan in accordance with verified figures, for drafting sub-contractors agreements, for taking care of project management, for supervising works, for providing advice about furnishing and for supporting the closing of the project. These are all perfectly coordinated activities, which have enable us to renovate some 630-sqm offices in 60 days, including air conditioning and heating systems, flooring, plasterboard and suspended ceilings, glass walls and fitted walls, alarm systems, lighting and data transmission.